Moonshine & Ale 6/30/22 

Live Band Karaoke in New Braunfels was packed tonight. Pancho, Heather and I had a steady flow of people come up to sing with us. One guy even told us how welcoming we always make him and his friends feel. That means we’re doing our job right! 

Moonshine & Ale 6/26/22 

Heather fronted the band tonight in New Braunfels as we ran through a night of Journey music! Pancho, Anthony, Cameron and I did our best to cover all the music for Heather to sing over. The crowd loved the show, and I was thrilled with the way we sounded. This band really put on a great show! 

Tapatio Springs 6/25/22 

Heather and I played a dueling pianos show in Boerne, TX, for our friends at Tapatio Springs tonight. The crowd filled the tops of our pianos with so many requests, it was a little overwhelming! There was singing, dancing, standing ovations, jokes, and lots of participation from the crowd. It is always pure joy to work with Heather, but at midnight, I turned back into a frog, and Heather had to carry me home. Ribbit. 

Barrels and Amps 6/24/22 

Our dueling pianos show tonight in Georgetown was fun! We swapped tunes and instruments a few times throughout the night. The requests were mostly classic rock, but we had fun playing them! See ya soon!

Moonshine & Ale 6/23/22 

Before Heather and I headed to New Braunfels to play Live Band Karaoke (with Greg on guitar), Chris Wallis gave Heather some drum pointers on stick grip and some patterns to help her be more comfortable on drums. That’s part of why I love Heather: she never rests or stops bettering herself. She put the techniques Chris showed her to work at our show, and she led us in another fun night of music! 

The Porch 6/21/22 

I filled in on keys for The Hot Pipes tonight in San Marcos. Nick Garcia was on guitar, Bret Coats on bass, and Dave Sims on drums. It was a funky, blues good time! I had some friends in the crowd, and the show went well, so I can’t ask for more than that on a Tuesday night!

Moonshine & Ale 6/19/22 

We played two hours of Jimmy Buffett tonight for Father’s Day in New Braunfels, TX. The fellas knocked the show outta the park! The lineup included (me) Dan Holmes (keys, vocals), Chris Wallis (drums), Pancho Garza (guitar), Anthony Sanders (bass), and Andrae Blissett (percussion). The parrotheads filled the building and did conga lines and sang to all the tunes. I hope everyone returns next Sunday for our big Journey show at 7p! 

Moonshine & Ale 6/18/22 

Dude! I had so much fun with Heather and Chris tonight in New Braunfels! We had a great crowd, and everyone gave us unusual requests, but sang them all. I know it’s gonna be a good night when the whole crowd sings and dances to “Copacabana” of all tunes. Chris and Heather are both so talented, and I’m always glad to share the stage with them. Chris and I (with a full band) will return tomorrow night for a special Father’s Day show featuring the music of Jimmy Buffett starting at 7p. 

Moonshine & Ale 6/17/22 

Our show in New Braunfels tonight was fun! Heather and I kept each other laughing through just about every song. The crowd followed our energy and enjoyed our show. We had people there from Michigan celebrating, and a fan from Delaware. Caitlin and Kristen found us in 2020, and tracked us down again tonight! 

Moonshine & Ale 6/16/22 

I got home from a trip to Branson, MO, in time to play in New Braunfels, TX, tonight with Pancho and Heather at Live Band Karaoke. Our buddy Chris Wallis was running sound, and the night went smoothly! This was the first of a four-night run for me at Moonshine & Ale. Heather and I will be back both Friday and Saturday for piano bar, then Chris, Pancho and I will be back on Sunday (with Anthony and Andrae) to perform a Jimmy Buffett night of music for Father’s Day!

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