Giving Gigs 9/21/21 

I played a half hour of original music tonight on Facebook on the Giving Gigs page. It felt great to do a set of tunes I’ve written. I so rarely get the chance to do DanHolmesGroup tunes. I’m glad for this outlet to a new fan base! 

Moonshine & Ale 9/18/21 

What an awesome ending to a long and amazing weekend! Heather and I drove more than 1,000 miles in the past two days for shows, and when we arrived in New Braunfels (with our drummer buddy Chris Wallis), we were ready to play. The requests came in at fast pace. We swapped between piano and keytar while Chris kept his super-groovy beats going, and the place never stopped giving back the energy we were throwing out. I am so happy with all the shows Heather and I did this weekend, and I’m also glad we are finally out of the car. 

Artesia Country Club 9/17/21 

Representing New York NY Dueling Pianos, Heather and I drove to Artesia, New Mexico, to perform for the Navajo Annual Oil And Gas Charity Golf Tournament. When we realized we were only 40 minutes away from Roswell, we decided it was a worthy detour for us to go see some aliens before our show. We bought some souvenirs, then headed to the country club to set up for the big event.We played requests for a couple of hours, and then DJ’d for the last hour, and people told us they loved our show! I absolutely love traveling with Heather, and it’s amazing to be able to do things like go to Roswell on the spur of the moment before I show! Plus, when I told Christine what we did, she sent me a drawing of an alien. 

Moonshine & Ale 9/16/21 

Live Band Karaoke went well tonight, and Heather & I helped out with giving people music to sing to, along with Greg on guitar. People got up all night to sing, I felt good knowing we were able to help everyone have so much fun! We’ll return for piano bar night on Saturday! 

Lion Sam Farrow Amphitheater 9/11/21 

All Request Piano had a busy night! We drove almost 2 hours at 2pm to set up for a dueling pianos show in the park in Temple, TX. The show was from 7p-9p, and full of great requests from the crowd. People had their phones out sending light from their flashlights our way a few times during the show, and they sang along every chance they got. Heather sounded amazing, as always, and when we finished, people from the crowd flooded me with compliments about our show. Lots of kids came up and gave me compliments, too, which was very sweet. One little guy gave me a trinket he made for me during the show, and a little girl told me I was “the best piano player I’ve ever seen, and probably the best in the world!” Awww… but unfortunately, Heather didn’t get a chance to hear those things because just before our show started, we got a call from Moonshine & Ale in New Braunfels because they had a player cancel on them, and so they needed Heather to cover the end of the night. She made it to New Braunfels and played the last couple hours, and I headed there after packing up my trailer in Temple. I made it by 12:15am, so I jumped on stage with Heather and I knocked out a few tunes with her until 1am! Over 200 miles today and two gigs later, I’m ready for bed! 

Rockin J Piano Bar 9/10/21 

On our way to the show in Cedar Park, Heather and I saw a huge shooting star just before we pulled in! We set up and had a fantastic show, and the crowd was so into it that we ended up performing and extra half-hour. We found out after our show was over that Kevin Fowler hung out and enjoyed our show, which was nice to hear. Heather and I make a great team! 

Moot Music Cafe Livestream 9/10/21 

I love sharing our music to people around the world! We did a Facebook livestream today and had folks on from upstate New York, Greece, Vermont, all over the UK and more. I like when Heather and I get a chance to play songs we’ve never tried, and we had a half-dozen or so. Thanks to all who tuned in! 

Moonshine & Ale 9/9/21 

We played our Thursday Live Band Karaoke night, and it went well! It was a slow start, but things always pick up at Moonshine & Ale. It’s fun to be a part of something so popular! 

Moonshine & Ale 9/5/21 

Happy Labor Day! We did a special Sunday-night-before-Labor-Day show in New Braunfels, TX, tonight. Heather wowed the crowd with her keytar skills, and I used that same keytar while simultaneously playing the drums! Hers sounded better, but mine looked good. That’s why we’re a good team. 

Moonshine & Ale 9/4/21 

Heather and I were joined tonight by our good friend, drummer Chris Wallis. The three of us make a great team. Tonight was packed, and Heather pulled out the keytar to keep the energy up! I’m a lucky guy to be able to work with these great musicians and entertain 100s of people each week with them! 

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