Moonshine & Ale 4/20/24 

Another great night in New Braunfels happened tonight! Heather and I click so well that we want to help each other, so we rarely leave the stage. We had a new drummer tonight, Joe Ponder. He’s a great player, and he fit in well with our weird show. This is such a fun job, but it’s also seriously hard work, and it makes me happy that we get to entertain huge crowds and spread some cheer! 

Moonshine & Ale 4/19/24 

I love nights like this! My super-partner Heather and I were overwhelmed with how unbelievably invested the packed club was in our show. They sang loud, screamed even louder, welcomed every single new person with a joyous and deafening cheer, and stuck around after the show to tell us how much they love us as a team. Heather and I work so well together both on and off stage that hard to believe how fortunate we were to find each other, and our fans agree. Thanks to everyone who came out to New Braunfels tonight. Your energy was infectious! 

Moonshine & Ale 4/18/24 

Heather and I played Live Band Karaoke with our friend, guitarist Kevin Humphrey in New Braunfels. We had a packed house. Fans came to sing with us from far away places like Washington and Germany again because they’ve enjoyed our show in the past. I am always humbled by the amount of people who tell us they come back just for us, or question where we were (and insisting that we need to be there every week) if we weren’t on the schedule for a week. It’s really nice to feel wanted. Thanks to all our fans for making us want to keep playing for years to come! 

The Vineyard at Florence 4/14/24 

I had a great time performing with Gumbo Ya Ya in Florence, TX, today. Kenny Felton (drums) invited me to fill in with Paul Hollis (guitar) and Dave Evertson (bass), so I did. We played a bunch of New Orleans grooves out on the back deck from noon to 3p. It was windy, but really pleasant. It was a great way to finish off the weekend. 

Rockin J Piano Bar 4/13/24 

Heather was off this weekend, so Kayla Roth and I perform in Cedar Park together. We had at least three birthdays celebrating with us, and had a great crowd of people all requesting tunes, singing and dancing. I haven’t shared the stage with Kayla since back in the AJ’s Ale House days of 2011-2012! 

Tapatio Springs 4/10/24 

We took our dueling pianos show out to Boerne, TX, to play a private event for a small group of lawyers and judges. It was fun having a small group of people who were really into our show. We had plenty of great requests, and we loved as they danced and sang with us. Heather and I always like making people happy, and one person from the event was so pleased, they took the time to give us yet another 5-star Google review. It’s humbling! 

Friends Bar 4/9/24 

I played with the Long Lost Locals tonight on 6th Street in Austin from 5p-7p. Lots of great blues and fun to a good sized crowd. The next band, The Southsiders, asked me to sit it. I was only going to play about 45 minutes or so, but it started pouring rain at about the 45 minute mark and rained through until 10:30p. I ended up playing their full 3-hour show with them. After we were done, I walked across the street to Darwin’s, and when I walked in, they got me up to play a couple songs before I headed home with a lightning show overhead. 

Old Kress Live 4/6/24 

Heather, Christine and I started our day by heading to a Harry Potter-themed coffeehouse called The Coffee Mugg, then down to Padre Island National Seashore where we swam and sat in the water for a while, just talking and relaxing. Those two women are so much fun, and we always find fun stuff to do together. We had a burger on our way back to the AirB&B, then got cleaned up and headed to our show in downtown Corpus Christi. We played through our requests and finished up at 1am. Heather headed back to San Marcos, while Christine and I stayed in Corpus. Tomorrow, we’re meeting friends in San Antonio to see “Book of Mormon”! 

Old Kress Live 4/5/23 

Art Walk was happening when we arrived in Corpus Christi for or show tonight. All of the streets are filled with vendors and all of the shops are open. It’s a big part of why we’re always here on the first weekend of the month. We had a great crowd, including one fan who sent up a request and said they’d been following me since 2014. That kinda stuff never gets old. I loved reading that note! On our drive down before the show, we had a chance to see the Thunderbirds practicing for the Great Texas Air Show over San Antonio. It was pretty cool to have them buzz over us on the highway. 

The Beltonian Theatre 3/30/24 

Wow! What a fun crowd we had in Belton, TX, tonight! It was just a few seats shy of sold-out, and they were there to have fun. There were several requests tonight that were firsts for us, and I loved them all. I mean, where else could you not only request your favorite rock or pop tune from the past 70 years, but also Kermit the Frog, Tom Lehrer, Dr. Demento, and the Marx Bros? And we played them, and everything else we possibly could in our three-hour, non-stop show! One family came up to us after the show and introduced their young son, and told us he’s taking piano lessons now, and he was moved to tears of joy during our show. That’s why we do what we do. 

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