Coot’s Piano Tavern 1/15/22 

Last night after we finished our gig, we drove to Abilene, TX, to get some rest before our 3rd show in two days, finishing out the trifecta of our Moot, Roots, and Coot’s shows. Since Heather and I had some time to kill after checking out of the hotel, we saw what Abilene had to offer at the mall. We bought a bunch of random stuff, had a burger, and Heather got her eyebrows done. After we were done shopping, we headed to the club and got set for our performance, which was from 8 PM to 11 PM. We had a great crowd, and the requests kept coming all night long, which is all you can really ask for especially at a new venue. I love my job and that I get to share it with Heather. Another successful weekend for the books!

Roots 1/14/22 

After Moot, but before we drove to Coot’s, we played at Roots in Georgetown, TX! We took requests from 7p-10p tonight, and I enjoyed some really cool and odd requests like Dr John’s “Right Place, Wrong Time”, The Beatles “When I’m 64”, and Black Sabbath’s “Crazy Train” to name a few. We had lots of compliments and people were really excited to see us back in Georgetown.  

Moot Music Cafe 1/14/22 

We started our Moot, Roots, & Coot’s weekend online this afternoon, where we played lots of songs from soundtracks. There were several 80s tunes also requested, and of course, Heather and I kept making each other laugh through the whole thing. Thanks to our fans all around the world for tuning in, and now, it’s time to head an hour-and-a-half north for our evening performance at Roots in Georgetown. From there, we drive about three-and-a-half hours north to Abilene, TX, for tomorrow’s show at Coot’s!

Moonshine & Ale 1/13/22 

We played for Live Band Karaoke with guitarist Pancho Garza, as we regularly do, in New Braunfels, TX. We had some songs sung tonight that don’t really ever get sung for some reason. It was fun to run through some different tunes. Our buddy and fellow musician Andre Blissett even showed up and sang a tune with us! I had a good time. 

Darwin’s Piano Bar 1/8/22 

I was supposed to be performing at a big private event tonight, but it got canceled earlier this week. That’s why I was able to take this last-minute gig in Austin, Texas, with my good buddy Roger Glen on drums. People were really cool to us, and we were able to play lots of songs for them between 9 PM and midnight. Roger is a solid player, and a good friend who shares my love of Star Wars, so it’s always fun getting a chance to reconnect with him! 

Rockin J Piano Bar 1/7/22 

I have no idea what cosmic thing had to happen, but I sure am glad it resulted in Heather and I meeting. We click in all the right ways, and tonight in Cedar Park, TX, we let the crowd experience some of our joy! We had some off-center songs requested, and we did our best. We had four or five tunes hit the piano that we’d never tried, and quite a few we hadn’t played in a few years. We made each other laugh while playing them, and that made the night fly by. Someone asked for “Yoda” by Weird Al, and Heather almost killed a guy with a flying drumstick, but those two incidents were unrelated. She missed. He lived.  

Moonshine & Ale 1/6/22 

Tonight at Live Band Karaoke, there was a mix-up about who was going to play guitar, so Heather and I did the first set as a duo! Pancho graciously came in on his night off to finish out the night with us on guitar. We always have fun, and we won’t let the show stop if we can help it! 

Moonshine & Ale 1/1/22 

I am so happy to have such amazingly talented friends like Heather and Chris. We performed to our crowd as the temperature outside dropped from the 70s down into the 40s! We kept things hot on stage, and I had a great time. New Braunfels is our home-away-from-home, and it was a perfect place to ring in 2022 with our first show of the year. I am so thankful to be heading into the new year with Heather to perform our show for new people! 

Moonshine & Ale 12/31/21 

Happy New Year! Before our gig, we went for a walk through a preserve with my wife, then headed to the house to get ready for our big show. We performed in New Braunfels to an absolutely packed room! We did duets, keytar tunes, and swapped between instruments while playing everyone’s requests. Heather and I had lots of fun helping everyone ring in the new year! On our way home, we were passed by a police chasing a sports car, and when we got to my house, Christine came out to meet Heather’s new frog friend. His name is Froggie McFroggerstien III. 

Moonshine & Ale 12/30/21 

Live Band Karaoke was PACKED! Pancho joined Heather and I on stage in New Braunfels to back the many many many many many many many people who wanted to sing with us. So many people. Heather and I swapped instruments a couple times, and Pancho’s guitar sounded great! Did I mention there were many many many people there tonight? 

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