Rockin J Piano Bar 11/27/20 

Tonight was our first night at Rockin J Piano Bar in Cedar Park, TX. Heather and I had fun, as usual, performing everyone’s requests. The owners were really nice and very complimentary of our show, which was great to hear. We have a couple more dates on the books at this new venue, and we’re looking forward to a good working relationship with the club! 

Ikels Wedding 11/27/20 

Heather and I drove to The Allen Farmhaus in New Braunfels to perform at the ceremony of Samantha Bartos and Brandon Ikels. It was held in an open-air venue, and the ceremony was beautiful! The temperature dropped just before they started and it threatened to rain, but everyone stayed dry and cool.  I’ve know Sam and Brandon for several years now, and I’m so honored they asked me to come perform. I included a picture from last night where they joined us on stage for Live Band Karaoke because I love that they do things like karaoke together. Side note: I’m proud Brandon was able to keep his shirt on through the whole ceremony. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Moonshine & Ale 11/26/20 

Happy thanksgiving! My birthday show in New Braunfels was a little crazy tonight. Good thing Heather came to Moonshine & Ale with me tonight because our drummer was a little late, so I jumped on drums for the first part of the evening and she played keys. Pancho played guitar and when Greg arrived, he took over the drums, I went to keys, and Heather jumped on bass. We had lots of random singers, and we backed them as we do every Thursday for Live Band Karaoke! 

Moonshine & Ale 11/25/20 

The show in New Braunfels for our pre-Thanksgiving celebration went fine tonight (except for me forgetting the words to “Pour Some Sugar On Me”)! Heather and I had fun with the tons of requests we were given. She is a joy to work with, and we spark so well off of each other. We were happy to have a mid-week show, and also super happy to have a weekend of fun planned together. I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving, and we’ll return to Moonshine & Ale tomorrow for Live Band Karaoke after turkey!

Quarantine Keys 11/25/20 

Thanks once again to Quarantine Keys for having me perform on another Wednesday night! I had a chance to talk to several people online that I haven’t seen in a little while, and they asked for some fun tunes. I always like playing 80s songs, blues, and Dr. John, and that’s a lot of what I had tonight. Now, I’m on my way to New Braunfels, Texas, to play with my partner Heather for a pre-Thanksgiving show!

Darwin’s Pub 11/21/20 

Heather and I performed in Austin tonight, but before left for our show, we walked over to Wonder World Park in San Marcos to get some good food at the Soulful Creations food truck, and snap a couple mermaid pics while we waited. The show went great, and as usual, we made each other laugh throughout the whole night. Thanks to the new fans we made for giving us such good requests tonight! 

Darwin’s Pub 11/20/20 

So how do I know I have the perfect stage partner? I can go to a show with my head scrambled, set up to simulcast said show to the internet, and before I have time to blink, the show is over. Heather makes time fly by fearlessly trying any song, and supporting me on any random tune I play. I also know how lucky I am to have someone who never makes me worry whether or not they’ll play something appropriate to the song. Darwin’s in Austin on 6th street was slow tonight, but the people who were there kept the requests flowing all night. We’ll be back for a big Saturday show! 

Moonshine & Ale 11/19/20 

Heather joined me in New Braunfels tonight for Live Band Karaoke and food! We ate dinner from the new kitchen at Moonshine & Ale, and it was awesome! We’re looking forward to trying the rest of the menu. Pancho and Ryan sounded great as the four of us backed up singers, with and without sausages on sticks. We got back to my house after the show, and just before 3am, a random drunk woman took out our street sign, stop sign, and pieces of a telephone pole before driving away. We made a police report, but we didn’t mention people eating sausages on sticks. Never a dull moment. 

Moonshine & Ale 11/13/20 

Even when times are rough, my partner Heather can make me smile. We kept each other entertained tonight in New Braunfels, and the crowd was allowed to participate in our joy. We’ve both gone through (and are going though) some hard times recently, but music is one of the few ways we can put our problems on hold for a few hours. The crowd really enjoyed our show, and I’m thankful to have such an amazing person I get to share the stage with! 

Moot Music Cafe 11/13/20 

Moot was amazing, a blast, and we had fun! We have people viewing from Scotland, the Netherlands, Connecticut, Illinois and UK. It’s cool to think that I can walk into a different room of my house and be heard across the ocean. My favorite part of our live stream today was when Heather played my song, “Superstore” for the first time. Afterwards, we split a pizza from Pie Society. 

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