Moonshine & Ale 5/6/21 

Tonight in New Braunfels for Live Band Karaoke, I got to share the stage with Michael Atkins for the first time. We’ve circled each other for a while, but it was good to finally gig with him. He was covering for my partner Heather, who had a family emergency and couldn’t make it. Pancho (on guitar) was as good as ever, and we all had fun backing up the singers from the crowd. After the show, Andrae Blissett stopped outside to say hi. It was good to see everyone and play some music. 

Quarantine Keys 5/5/21 

Wednesday night on Facebook was full of ‘80s tunes this week. Everything from “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” to “Mexican Radio” to “Video Killed The Radio Star” was played. I also found out that some people have been watching on Twitch. I didn’t even know QK did simultaneous casts on Facebook and Twitch. Guess I’m Twitching now. Lol!

Moot Music Cafe Fundraiser 5/2/21 

I played an hour set to help raise money for on Facebook via Zoom. I was in great company with a slew of musicians from around the world. I hope they raised a ton of money, and I’d be happy to come help anytime!

Rockey’s Piano Bar 4/30/21 

Heather and I had a great time in Round Rock, TX, tonight. We met Max from the stage, and he was celebrating his birthday. Max is pictured wearing his finest AllRequestPiano sticker. Heather and I made each other laugh a bunch all night long. So happy to share the stage with her! Oh, and, happy birthday, Max! 

Moonshine & Ale 4/29/21 

We performed for Live Band Karaoke in New Braunfels, TX, tonight. Heather is doing great playing drums to a click track. I’ve done it for years in my studio, but it’s not a super-easy thing to do. I enjoyed hanging out and listening to all of our random singers tonight. We’ll be up in Round Rock for our Friday night piano bar show tomorrow! 

Quarantine Keys 4/28/21 

I played a couple hours on QK before the hail hit San Marcos. Golf-ball sized chunks fell from the sky and our power blinked off for a few minutes, but that was long after I finished taking requests on the livestream. I’ll return to QK next Wednesday, assuming all is well. 

Coats / Tiffin Wedding 4/24/21 

Victoria Coats married Eli Tiffin today, and AllRequestPiano was there to entertain the people at the reception! Heather and I, accompanied by the great drummer Chris Wallis, kept the people dancing and in good spirits while we performed all the requests they brought to us. We had so many that we couldn’t get through them all! The reception was held outdoors at a ranch in Llano, TX, and the weather was absolutely perfect for it. I love being able to perform with great musicians, and do it for such joyful occasions. Congratulations to the happy newlyweds!

Rockey’s Piano Bar 4/23/21 

Lots of dancing took place in Round Rock, TX, tonight. Heather and I played our three-hour show, and we had fun doing it. She was cracking me up mashing “Stanky Legg” into “Gangsta’s Paradise”. I love playing shows with her, and we’ll be back next Friday at Rockey’s! 

Blacklands BBQ 4/22/21 

Tonight, Heather and I met up in Snyder, Texas, to represent NY/NY Dueling Pianos for a private event. The crowd was fantastic during our 70 minute show. We had them singing and clapping, and we may have even had a world champion air guitar soloist join us. We had lots of fun, in the crowd enjoyed it as much as we did. We got a standing ovation and stood with people for selfies after our performance. Thank you to NY/NY Dueling Pianos for once again having us represent! 

Quarantine Keys 4/21/21 

Played my regular Wednesday night show over on the QK page tonight. I played a bunch of songs which I’d never tried before, and lots I’d not heard in years. The keytar even made an appearance. Fun night! 

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