Live Stream 9/18/20 

Things got a little Halloween-ie during my show tonight on Facebook. I really enjoyed performing for the crowd online tonight because everyone seemed to be in good spirits and I had bunches of requests during my 2.5 show! And Halloween makes me happy, so I was glad to play a few spooky songs, too. #livestream #music #musician #pianoman

Quarantine Keys 9/16/20 

Christine and I drove home to Texas from Indiana yesterday and today, and I arrived with about an hour to get ready for my QK show. It was great being able to play on my acoustic piano after more than a month away from it. I enjoyed the show, but I was worn out by the time it was done. Side note: We got to enjoy lunch before my show in the Dallas area with my partner Heather and her boyfriend Chance, and after the show we had dinner with drummer Chris Wallis in San Marcos. It was a good day. 

Live Stream 9/12/20 

Even though my feed tonight was full of random technical glitches, I still had fun performing for the folks on Facebook! I did my show on an upright piano at my in-laws house in Lebanon, IN, and I think I was overloading their internet connection. I had lots of requests, and lots of laughs. 2020 keeps trying to knock me down, but I’m still trying to stay upright! 

County Line Orchard 9/12/20 

Well, we got rained out right after we arrived in Hobart, IN, but Bill Ritter, Joe Maddox and I were able to share a few laughs together before we bought donuts and turned back around for our 2 hour drive to Indianapolis. It would’ve been great to perform with these fellas, and I’m sad we didn’t get to do so, but 2020 has had nothing but alternate plans for all of us. Texas awaits, so hopefully I’ll be able to return to the orchard for a show during my next swing through the Midwest! 

Quarantine Keys 9/9/20 

I love when people jump on and instantly get involved in my show! I played a couple hours on Quarantine Keys and had some fun requests. It’s cool that people from all over the country can pop on and have fun together! After the show, I saw I was tagged in this picture, which made me happy. I regularly see images like this, but each one makes me happy to know I’ve helped bring a smile to a face for a few minutes. Great picture, Michelle!

The Moot Music Cafe 9/9/20 

Germany, Scotland, North Carolina, Leeds, California and more were represented on my first show on Moot Music Cafe on Facebook! I was able to visit with some old friends and make a few new fans, so all-in-all, a good show. I played about 2.5 hours, and then jumped off the computer to rest a bit before I go do another show on Quarantine Keys! 

Live Stream 9/5/20 

I had a really good time on my Facebook livestream tonight, while Heather played a club gig in Tulsa, OK, at Shady Keys. I had quite a few down-tempo tunes requested and some funk, as well as a few Queen tunes in honor of Freddie Mercury’s birthday. I’m doing my best to survive at this stage of the pandemic lockdown, and so is Heather. Thank you to each and every one of you who have tipped us for songs during this time. You are feeding two musicians! 

Live Stream 9/4/20 

I played my livestream on Facebook tonight while visiting with family from my parent’s house in Indiana, and my partner Heather played a club in Tulsa, OK, called Shady Keys. Soon, we will reunite in Texas and be playing shows together again! I think it’s hilarious that we didn’t plan our pictures to come out the same, but they did because we’re so similar. I really miss live-in-person shows, and I miss performing with Heather tons. Just a little while longer... 

Quarantine Keys 9/2/20 

I performed a two-hour show on the QK Facebook page tonight! I’m always kind of shocked when I get songs requested that I know but which I’ve never played, mostly because I feel like I’ve played everything I know already! I had two or three of those type songs requested, and I loved trying them out for the first time. Looks like my new time slot will be 6p central (7p eastern) on Wednesdays for Quarantine Keys. Join me next week! 

Live Stream 8/29/20 

Played my show from Lebanon, IN, tonight to a bunch of fun people! I had lots of great requests and a few unusual songs. My mother-in-law even got in on the action tonight by requesting “Hallelujah”. Thanks to everyone for tuning in and singing along! 
After my show, I had a really nice message waiting for me on Facebook. I love being connected to so many great people! 

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