Moonshine & Ale 9/29/23 

We had lots of singers at Live Band Karaoke! Heather played drums and ran the show, I played keys and bass, and Kevin Humphrey was on guitar. We let the regulars do what they do best, and we helped some of the newbies find their way. I was surprised at the number of unusual songs we played tonight. We have a songlist on each table, but some songs just don’t get picked very often. Tonight made up for that thoroughly. 

Lion Sam Farrow Amphitheater 9/23/24 

Our 8th show in 9 days took place in Temple, TX, where we performed our Dueling Pianos show to a big crowd on a warm evening! Heather and I have worked very hard this week, and traveled over 850 miles just for our gigs, and tonight was a great way to finish off our week of insanity. We had lots of fans join us, who were all extremely complementary to us before and after the show. It’s those interactions with people that make Heather and I so happy to be doing what we do for a living. There were lots of kids, really enjoying the show and dancing, and we saw people all the way up the lawn, and on the other side of the fence, hanging out at their cars while singing with us. Thanks also to Emily Rayner for sending us the picture from the crowd! 

Sean Patrick’s Irish Pub 9/22/23 

San Marcos was the site of our show tonight. Heather and I took requests from 7p-10p. We had everything from ZZ Top to Beck to Fleetwood Mac to Taylor Swift asked for tonight, and we played them all. Tomorrow, we’ll be in the park in Temple, TX! 

Moonshine & Ale 9/21/23 

Heather, Poncho, and I played for Live Band Karaoke tonight in New Braunfels. There were a lot of new faces in the crowd! Heather did a great job keeping the show moving forward all evening. Friend of the band, Ryan Hall, who is a drummer we’ve worked with in the past, was there and listened in behind-the-scenes because he’s going to do some karaoke nights when Heather and I are unavailable in the next month or so. He even got up and sang a song with us, which was great! A lady at the very end of the night sang the song “September“ which was the best way we could’ve ended the show, seeing us how it was the 21st! 

Whole Foods 9/20/23 

We played a noontime show in Austin, TX, today at the Whole Foods flagship store in conjunction with Groovelabs. It was an ‘80s theme, so we put on our ‘80s gear and played nothing but random ‘80s tunes for our two 45 minute sets, with a costume contest mid-show. We got finished just before it really heated up, and everyone seemed to have fun at our lunchtime dueling pianos show! 

San Antonio Marriott River Center 9/19/23 

Heather and I represented New York, NY Dueling Pianos in San Antonio tonight for Merichem Company. This is our third year performing for them, and this year was the best yet! Everyone had fun mingling with each other while also giving us requests and singing and dancing and generally enjoying the night! We were supposed to take a couple breaks, but we were having so much fun, we never did. The crowd was great to us, and we hope to be included again next year!

Moonshine & Ale 9/17/23 

We played a couple hours of “The Music Of Jimmy Buffett” for a special band show in New Braunfels. The room was packed with Parrotheads! Chris Wallis on drums, Pancho Garza on guitar, Andrae Blissett on percussion, Heather on bass and I played piano for a very enthusiastic crowd. Three different Parrothead chapters came out, including Canyon Lake, Seguin, and San Antonio, and we thank them for bringing the energy to a Sunday evening show. Personally, I love playing shows with these super-talented musicians, and it’s nice when a crowd gets to experience their talent and responds so positively! 

Old Kress Live 9/16/23 

Heather, Christine and I woke up in Woodsboro, TX, in a tiny AirB&B camper trailer. We headed towards Corpus Christi for Heather and my show, and several hours to do some fun stuff, so after a stop a Starbucks, we  stopped at Attic Antiques and Gifts and did some shopping. We then decided to go to the Texas State Aquarium. It was a bunch of fun! Some friends in Portland, TX, Mark and Barbara, invited us to their house for dinner. Mark sold us our house in 2011, and Barbara is renting a house to Heather soon near us! After a home-cooked meal, we went to our show at Old Kress Live. The staff is always so nice to us, and we are so happy to be bringing our show there a couple times each month. We had a fun crowd that stayed during our 10p-1a show! We loaded out after the show, and now are headed back to San Marcos to get some rest before our full-band Jimmy Buffet show in New Braunfels tomorrow at 6p! 

Moonshine Drinkery 9/15/23 

We played at one of our favorite spots, which is in Victoria, TX, tonight! We love the staff at Moonshine Drinkery, and we always have a good time. Christine came with us and took a bunch of great pictures. We played until just after midnight to a bunch of familiar faces and some new ones, too! After we finished and loaded out, we headed to our AirB&B in Woodsboro, which was a tiny trailer, we squeezed in and bedded down about 4a. Tomorrow we head to Corpus Christi! 

Moonshine & Ale 9/9/23 

Christine came with us to New Braunfels tonight, which made me super happy! Heather sounded fantastic (as always). Doc joined us on drums at 10p which was exciting for Heather and I because we enjoy our shows with him. Christine, Heather and I had a great meal over at Krause’s before the show, and I’m glad we did because it took a lot of energy to try to keep up with the crowd! 

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