Live Stream 7/4/20 

Happy Independence Day! My livestream on Facebook was full of Billy Joel requests tonight, and several Muppet tunes. I love how I can never predict which way the show will go! #muppets #livestream #songrequests #musician 

Live Stream 7/3/20 

Good show tonight with some fun requests! I played about 3-hours of music ranging from Muppets to Elton John. Although, Heather gif made the online crowd happier than any of my songs did, I think. It’s ok. I used the keytar to hide my tears. Lol! 

Quarantine Keys Live Stream 7/1/20 

I met some new people on my livestream on the QK page tonight. Great requests from all over the country were made! Also, one of my oldest friends was celebrating his birthday, so it was cool to be able to do some tunes for him. Thanks to Quarantine Keys for having me. I did a nearly 3-hour show, and it only felt like a few minutes!

Live Stream 6/26/20 

COVID took hold in Texas in a big way, so when I woke up, I had a notification that all my gigs for the foreseeable future are once again canceled. Heather and I were supposed to play in New Braunfels, but we decided to live stream from our homes. I went on tonight and she’ll go on tomorrow. Tonight, I surprised her with a gif I made of her dancing, and it made us both laugh until our faces hurt! She was running tech support from the Dallas area while I performed in San Marcos. Even far apart, we make a great team! I had so many requests and people watching that my show lasted over 4 hours! My face still hurts from laughing. 

Moonshine & Ale 6/25/20 

Pancho (guitar), Ryan (drums) and I played for Live Band Karaoke in New Braunfels again tonight. We had a bunch of singers and we kept the music going for them all evening long. These fellas are fun to share the stage with, and I’ll return tomorrow night with my partner Heather Ray to take some requests for piano bar! 

Quarantine Keys Live Stream 6/24/20 

I had a good group watching on the QK page on Facebook tonight. Songs ranging from Foo Fighters to Louis Armstrong to Styx were played. Tonight’s show started at 11:30p and I played about 1.5 hours. I like the late-night slot, and I hope to do some more with QK in the future. 

Live Stream 6/24/20 

I did an impromptu live stream on Facebook just for fun tonight. I played a little over an hour, and connected with some people in Indiana and California. I’m looking forward to some upcoming shows with my partner Heather this weekend! 

Live Stream 6/21/20 

We played some seriously epic tunes on our Father’s Day Facebook live stream today. Heather and I played from 1p-3p and even though we were both exhausted after a long weekend of big live performances, we had a bunch of fun playing a brunch show. I honestly enjoy performing now more than I have in recent memory, and I’m so happy to be able to have both live and virtual venues to do so. Heather is amazing and I’m always happy to play with her!

Moonshine & Ale 6/20/20 

Heather Ray and I were made to share the stage. She is a singular talent and a great friend, and I am honored every time we have a show together. We played in New Braunfels and even though we had a smaller than usual audience, it was still amazingly fun and full of laughs. Ryan joined us on the drums at 10p, and he did a great job of following our random song performances. The keytar made a few appearances, and at one point after Heather performed a slow dance tune, a fella proposed to his lady! Eventful night, indeed! 

Greek Bros Oyster Bar & Grill 6/19/20 

Yes! We had such a great time in El Campo, TX, tonight with our friends at Greek Bros! This was the first show post lockdown with drummer Chris Wallis, and Heather and I enjoyed sharing the stage with him again. All night, Heather and I swapped songs during our dueling pianos show, and made each other laugh a bunch. The keytar made several appearances throughout the evening, and the people were so happy to have us that we played an extra 30 minutes at the end of the night. It was a bunch of fun, and of course, great food! We’ll see our El Campo friends again in December! 

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