Moonshine & Ale 3/18/23 

Work is so much less like work when you do it with friends! Heather and Chris joined me on stage for a busy Saturday night in New Braunfels, TX, tonight. Lots of requests, birthdays, and anniversaries were part of our show. Heather and I are so happy and grateful for having such a busy and productive weekend. We finished our show last night in Tulia, TX, and after breaking down our gear at midnight, drove four hours to Abilene, slept in an AirB&B camper, woke up and drove another four hours to my house for dinner, then headed straight to our 4.5 hour show in New Braunfels with Chris. I’m pretty tired after driving 1,000+ miles and putting on three shows in the past three days, but I’m feeling like Heather and I really accomplished a lot! 

Linda’s Event Center 3/17/23 

We drove to Tulia, Texas, tonight to play a St. Patrick’s Day show for the Swisher Memorial Hospital foundation, where we were representing New York, New York, Dueling Pianos! We performed “in the round“ for nearly 300 people. The crowd had a lot of fun, and requested some interesting songs like “Bein’ Green“, “The Dukes of Hazzard“, and “America, the Beautiful“. I always enjoy sharing the stage with Heather, and we both had a great time! I’m so glad that we were able to participate in their fundraiser.

Moonshine & Ale 3/16/23 

The rain held off in New Braunfels until about 11p.  Live Band Karaoke was fun with Heather on drums and Kevin on guitar. We had a good crowd, and tons of singers. Heather and I jumped in my newly repaired truck after the show and we’re now heading north for our show near Lubbock! 

Rockin J Piano Bar 3/11/23 

We had a great night in Cedar Park! Heather and I were surprised by some off-center requests which people enjoyed, sang, and danced to like “Invisible Touch”, “Mardi Gras Mambo”, and “Everybody Needs Somebody”. Heather never fails to impress me when she goes between songs like “I Feel The Earth Move” to “My Heart Will Go On”. Tonight was a fun night! 

Muck & Fuss 3/11/23 

DanHolmesGroup took the stage in New Braunfels, TX, this afternoon from 1p-4p! It was warm, and Chris Wallis and I made it even hotter by playing some of the funkiest, grooviest, and fun-loving music we could. The crowd dug our vibe, and it was great! My wife, Christine, came out and took some really great pictures of us. I’m so happy whenever I get a chance to perform my original music, plus whatever random whim we’re feeling. A couple odd ball tunes out of nowhere today were “Taxman” by The Beatles which Chris called out for us to play, even though we had never played it together before, and when I fired back a second-line, groovy New Orleans version of “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure. Think Dr. John meets Robert Smith. You just never know what we might pull out of thin air! 

Barrels & Amps 3/10/23 

We performed our dueling pianos show in Georgetown, TX, tonight! Heather is a true rock star, and any show I get to perform with her is a good one. We’re back here March 24th, so tell your friends! 

Moonshine & Ale 3/9/23 

Tonight, I played drums for Live Band Karaoke in New Braunfels. Heather wasn’t able to make it tonight, but Pancho Garza was on guitar, and Lindsay Everly played keys. Lindsay is from San Francisco, and this was our first time sharing the stage. She did great, as did Pancho! We had lots of singers, and we even had some staff join us for a couple tunes. It was a fun night! 

Moonshine & Ale 3/4/23 

New Braunfels was a little slow tonight, but we had a great crowd at Moonshine & Ale. Heather and I brought our brand of entertainment together with drummer Chris Wallis to keep the people happy! I love any time I get to perform with these two! 

Zeta Beta Tau 3/3/23 

We performed at the fraternity house Zeta Beta Tau in Austin, TX, tonight for their mother & son night! We played everything from “Pour Some Sugar On Me” to “Dancing In The Moonlight”. Lots of dancing and singing took place, and it was fun! Several people afterwards said they’d like to have us back annually, and we’d love to! 

Moonshine & Ale 3/2/23 

Kevin Humphry. Nuff said. Heather and Dan? Yeah. People sang? Yep. Fun? Yep. We met Sean. I hope the next time, you read this just like a beat-poet, daddio. 

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