Darwin’s Pub 2/16/20 

My fifth gig in four days and over 1,500 miles of travel found me in Austin, TX, with drummer John Duran. I had lots of requests come up from our international crowd, including random songs I’ve never tried, like Billy Joel’s “Innocent Man”. I’m very tired right now, so I’m gonna go get as much sleep as humanly possible. My next couple shows will be in Dallas and then Corpus Christi, so I gotta rest is for more driving! 

Moonshine Drinkery 2/16/20 

Heather and I performed a dueling pianos show for brunch in Victoria, TX, this morning. We got to the club and had breakfast of eggs, pancakes and more. The club was busy for a Sunday brunch. We had fun making each other laugh while making music together! We have the best time together, and this weekend, we covered about 1,500 miles and did four shows together while laughing the whole time. Now, I’m in Austin, TX, about to start my evening show on 6th. Thanks a bunch to our Victoria peeps Ashton and Megan for letting us crash at their place between shows! 

Moonshine Drinkery 2/15/20 

I love performing with Heather Ray, and tonight, we got to take our dueling pianos show to our friends in Victoria, TX! We played many shows here over the past few years as a piano & drums show, but this was our first time with two pianos. We had a few birthdays and tons of requests during our three-hour show. We’re back here tomorrow for brunch, and I can’t wait. Heather and I have a great show together and it’s even better when we’re in a venue full of friends! 

Underwood Golf Complex 2/14/20 

Today was an epic day in El Paso, TX, for Heather Ray and me. We started our Valentine’s Day pre-show festivities by meeting up with Heather’s aunt (who lives nearby) at Starbucks. After coffee, we headed downtown to Dave’s Pawn Shop, where you could buy everything from comic books to a real mummy and everything in between. Then, we crossed the street where Heather found two Detroit Lions jerseys at a flea market. We got back in the truck and drove up Scenic Overlook Drive to watch the sunset over the mountains. Then, we headed back to our hotel which was located on Fort Bliss to get ready for our show. We headed to the country club and we once again took the stage to perform a dueling pianos show (representing NY/NY Dueling Pianos). The theme was “Carnival of Love”, and someone took this to the extreme by proposing to her boyfriend during our show! Heather is amazing, and a great friend to hang out and also perform with. We loaded out after the show and hit the road, and we’re currently headed to an AirBnB. We just stopped at a gas station where we saw Dracula, near the Wienerschnitzel Motel. 

Mummies and sunsets and hot dogs and Dracula! What a weird and fun Valentine’s Day!

Underwood Golf Complex 2/13/20 

El Paso, TX, was the scene of the Fort Bliss Marketing Social Event tonight where Heather Ray and I performed (representing NY/NY Dueling Pianos). They had a carnival theme, so lots of decorations were scattered around with big tops, corn dogs, candy, and general fun everywhere. The crowd loved our show and participated all evening with us! When we finished, they wanted to try to get us back for a date next month. I hope it works out, because it’s a great group of people! 

Darwin’s Pub 2/9/20 

I had a blast with Heather Ray in Austin, TX, tonight! We took our show to 6th Street to perform for the happy people in the bar. Lots of very unusual and interesting requests were brought up for us to try. Both of us got outside of our comfort zone and played songs we had never played before. Heather never ceases to amaze me, and I am so happy to be her work-husband! Next week starts a crazy travel schedule for us, so check back for random stories from the road, and remember, we are available for private events! 

McQueeney Lions Club 2/8/20 

It was our honor to perform at the reception for Matti (Warren) and Ryan Tackett tonight in McQueeney, TX! Heather Ray, Chris Wallis and I put on a dueling pianos show and took requests from the 400 plus guests attending. Everyone had a great time, including us! They started the evening’s festivities with a Grand March where all the guests participated. The show took lots of turns as the guests had us perform their favorite songs. Congratulations to the newlyweds, and thanks for including us on your big day! 

Moonshine & Ale 2/7/20 

New Braunfels had a great crowd come out to our show! Heather Ray and I had a great time performing together, as we always do. The crowd loved our show and didn’t stop dancing all night! Before we went to our show, we ran around San Marcos and got some stuff done. First thing we did was had some custom ear molds made at the audiologists for Heather so she’ll have great ear protection soon! Everyone working in our field should have this done. After that, we met up with my wife for some lunch, and then we put together  a custom puzzle Christine had made for us with all of us on the puzzle, making puzzles. Very meta. 

Moonshine & Ale 2/6/20 

Heather and I carpooled to New Braunfels where we met up with Pancho Garza to provide the music for Live Band Karaoke. There were a lot of interesting people out tonight! We ran through song after song with singers, each giving all they could. Pancho played great, and it was cool sharing the stage with him again. The click track in my in-ears was only slightly maddening, but Heather kept me laughing. She and I will return tomorrow night for piano bar! 

Darwin’s Pub 2/4/20 

Back In Black, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Gangsta’s Paradise, Piano Man, Come Fly With Me, Cheeseburger In Paradise, Baby Got Back, Take A Chance On Me, Mr. Bojangles, Hotel California, American Woman, Funky Cold Medina, Pony, Eye Of The Tiger, The Final Countdown, Gimme All Your Lovin’, Ants Marching, Break My Stride, Dirty Diana, Need You Tonight, Captain Jack, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Fixing A Hole, Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, Down Under, Everybody’s Talking, 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, Tubthumping, Hard To Handle, Zombie, All The Small Things, Don’t Stop Me Now, Wonderwall, Take Me Home Tonight, Closer, The Man Who Sold The World, Under Pressure, Piano Man and Clint Eastwood were requested and played by John Duran and I, in that order, in Austin, Texas, on 6th Street. 

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