Groove Labs 12/9/22 

Today, we have two shows. We set up for our evening show in Lakeway, TX, before heading about an hour away to Groove Labs in Austin for a virtual show for a company named Homeward. We’re about to begin about an hour long performance before we head back to our evening show in Lakeway. We’re meeting ourselves coming and going today! Thank to Beth at Groove Labs for including us in their final livestream of the year. 

Moonshine & Ale 12/8/22 

Katie Pederson was the new player we worked with tonight in New Braunfels! Pancho, Heather and I joined her in welcoming all the various singers up for Live Band Karaoke. She played piano while Pancho did his thing on guitar. Heather performed on bass and I drummed and called up the singers to the stage. It was a fun and busy night! 

Embassy Suites 12/3/22 

Mechanical Reps Inc had us perform for their Christmas party in San Marcos, TX, tonight. We brought our dueling pianos show to them, and played “in the round” with their employees filling all sides of us. We had diverse requests, and played as many as time allowed! They have a good group of people at Mechanical Reps Inc! 

Jackson Street Coffee 12/2/22 

Mark’s Machine invited us back to perform at their holiday party in El Campo, TX, tonight, and it was fun! They danced and sang with us, while we played their requests, and enjoyed themselves so much, they had us perform an extra hour tonight. When we first arrived, our friend Matthew from Greek Bros was there bringing in armloads of delicious food (like crawfish queso). We ate before the show, and then helped out with their prize giveaways all throughout the night. Thanks to everyone at Mark’s Machine, and also to Jackson Street Coffee for a great evening! 

Moonshine & Ale 12/1/22 

Wassail Fest was in full swing when Heather and I arrived tonight in New Braunfels! Anthony Sanders joined us on the guitar for his first Live Band Karaoke experience, and he did great. We had a full house all night, and Heather kept the show on track and guided us through all the songs people from the crowd wanted to sing. Thanks everyone for singing with us! 

Moonshine Drinkery 11/26/22 

I was spoiled rotten tonight for my birthday! First, my wife gave me some fun and awesome gifts before it was time to leave to head to our show in Victoria, Texas. When I arrived at the gig, they had a banner and balloons up for me. Then, Heather gave me some fun stuff, and brought in cupcakes for everyone, and she got me a delicious patty melt from one of our favorite restaurants. When we walked over to the restaurant to pick up our food, we flew my drone over the newly painted crosswalks near the club for a cool shot.The staff at Moonshine Drinkery are all really cool people, and they surprised me with a personal sized cheesecake, then, had Heather lead everyone in singing to me. The show went great, and we made some new fans as well as some old friends in the crowd. We were happy to see our friend Megan show up and sit in the front row. It was a really great birthday!

Moonshine & Ale 11/25/22 

It was busy in New Braunfels tonight. Heather and I played all the interesting and cool requests we got all night long. We had a full house almost from our first note, and I had so much fun sharing the stage with Heather! 

Moonshine & Ale 11/24/22 

My friends in New Braunfels, Sam and Brandon, brought me my very own cat keyboard tonight for my birthday! They are regulars at Live Band Karaoke, and it was great to have them and sister Sarah and momma Susan back together to sing on a happy Thanksgiving night! 

Moonshine & Ale 11/23/22 

Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is always a fun show at Moonshine & Ale! Lots of people brought us requests all night, and they sang with us during lots of songs. I love making Heather laugh all night, which always makes me happy! We’ll be back after our thanksgiving lunch to do Karaoke Thanksgiving  night! 

Sean Patrick’s Irish Pub 11/18/22 

Heather and I performed in San Marcos, TX, tonight. The place was hopping! We had a few birthdays and anniversaries in the house, and lots of fun requests. It’s great that we had a gig so close to home. We will be at Sean Patrick’s once a month, so keep a lookout for us! 

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