Moonshine & Ale 3/4/21 

After we ate some dinner, Heather and I met up with guitarist Pancho Garza in New Braunfels for Live Band Karaoke tonight. I love playing LBK shows with those two! We had some really great experienced singers, and we had some people who had never tried karaoke before, but everyone had a good time. I always like it when things go smoothly and tonight was one of those nights. 

Quarantine Keys 3/3/21 

Over on Facebook tonight, I played on the QK page, and had lots and lots of requests for Beatles! I love when I have a good crowd of people who are interested in hearing lots of random songs that I don’t normally get to play.  I’ll be back next Wednesday to see what the crowd wants to hear!

Moonshine & Ale 2/27/21 

I played a show tonight in New Braunfels, Texas, with Anthony and Jay.  We had a good crowd, and Anthony did well covering for my partner Heather who wasn’t able to make it down tonight. I can’t remember the last time I played a show with Jay, and it was good to catch up with him a little after the show! Thanks to everyone for coming out, and I’ll see you again soon! 

Rockey’s Piano Bar 2/26/21 

I was joined on stage in Round Rock, TX, tonight by my drummer friend Roger Glenn. We were flooded with requests, and the bar asked us to play an extra half-hour at the end of the night. Roger and I had a good time together. We also had another great drummer in the house. Jason Corbiere came out and sat in for a couple songs. Some folks from New Orleans were in the crowd, and they were so happy when Jason and I were able to play “Big Chief” for them, and also when Roger and I played “Such A Night”. 

Moonshine & Ale 2/25/21 

Thursday night means Live Band Karaoke in New Braunfels, so I jumped on keys. The place was full of singers, and some of them teamed up for some songs. Pancho and Greg were there to round out the band, and we had lots of regulars join us. I’ll be back on Saturday for piano bar! 

Quarantine Keys 2/24/21 

Wow! My livestream went great tonight over on the QK page with several hundred comments and over 60 “shares”. I played a solid 2-hour show, and I was happily surprised when my partner Heather hopped on for a few to show some support. Everyone was super-cool and requested great stuff tonight. Tons of Beatles and Billy Joel, plus a bunch of random songs were requested. I’ll be back next Wednesday for more QK! 

Belmont Village Senior Living 2/23/21 

I joined up with Paul and Kenny from Gumbo YaYa for a trio show in Austin this afternoon. We played an hour of fun-filled Mardi Gras music for an appreciative crowd. We were supposed to do this show last Tuesday on actual Mardi Gras, but got snowed out in Texas! I’m glad they decided to reschedule and not cancel the show. It was good to play with a band again. 

Live Stream 2/21/21 

I didn’t plan to livestream tonight, but I was sitting at the piano and running through tunes so I figured I would! I had a bunch of friends join me, and it was like a goofy hang-out session. I did a cheating version of the cheating cheater song known as “Escape”, random Elton John, David Bowie, and even ventured into “We Are The World”. It was a fun night! 

Rockin J Piano Bar 2/19/21 

We took our show up to Cedar Park for a fun night of requests! We made each other laugh a ton tonight while playing everything from the Eagles to Snoop Dogg. We had three birthdays celebrating with us, so of course, we sang to each of them. At the end of the night, we got a standing ovation and an encore song which made us feel great. We also made some new fans! Heather is my perfect musical partner, and we’ll do some more traveling and plying next weekend together. 

Moonshine & Ale 2/18/21 

We unexpectedly had a gig in New Braunfels for Live Band Karaoke tonight! It was a welcomed distraction from a week of record-breaking snow storms and frozen temperatures in Texas. Heather has been trapped at our house for a week now, but I couldn’t have asked for a more welcomed roomie. Power outages and water restrictions made this week really difficult, so performing together reenergized us. I’m really fortunate to have a partner like Heather. It was good to perform with Pancho (guitar) and Ryan (drums), too! 

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